Saturday , December 16 2017
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Why You Should Stop Eating Tofu

A lot of people love tofu and for good reason – it’s versatile and is better than meat. One serving offers: Nine grams of protein More iron than other meats, including lean cut steak, gram for gram Zero cholesterol Very low in fat Super high in calcium It’s a staple …

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Scary Health Dangers of 5G Wireless Technology

When it comes to data speeds, we always want the fastest. And with the upcoming 5G technology, it seems like lightning fast wireless connections are within our reach. Unfortunately, no one is quite sure whether this new technology is safe for humans or not. It is true that even electromagnetic …

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After Seeing This, You Will Never Look at Your Food The Same Way Again. A Real Eye-Opener!

Here is the horrible true presented in a movie which has been hidden from the public. It reveals devastating reality about food and weight loss, and the 30-year campaign conducted by the food industry with help of the U.S. government. In the movie is revealed it’s goal for misleading the American public, which result in one of the largest health …

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Woman Who Blamed Baby Powder for Her Cancer Awarded $70 Million

$70million has been awarded by a Californian jury in damages against Johnson & Johnson after the woman claimed talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. Deborah Giannecchini of Modesto, California was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 and accused the company of ‘negligent conduct’ in making and and marketing the baby …

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