Sunday , December 17 2017
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Did you know…?

Did you know…? 1. Roasted peppers are easier to peel if you sprinkle a handful of coarse salt on them and cover them with a lid? 2. Mashed potatoes get a lighter colour and are fluffier if you use hot milk to make them? 3. You should never put salt …

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Researchers have discovered that natural ginseng extract may succeed where patented synthetic chemicals have failed. Scientists from Georgia State University’s Institute for Biomedical Sciences partnered with a university in South Korea for a study.  They found that ginseng can help treat and prevent influenza A.  They also found that ginseng …

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Do You Know The Difference Between Lemon And Lime?

Although lemons and limes belong to the same family and own similar characteristics, they are pretty distinguished citrus fruits that often make people wonder. They are also very much the same in taste, appearance and shape, but they offer quite different properties that people often overlook. Lemons are normally larger …

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A 36-Year Old Man Was on His Deathbed With Lung Disease – This is What Happened When He Used Cannabis Oil

The term “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,” or COPD, covers a set of different lung conditions, as well as bronchiectasis, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. These diseases restrict the airways in the lungs, and inhibit their elasticity, causing breathing difficulties. Over time, these conditions aggravate gradually and even cause fatal consequences. Apparently, …

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Remove These 6 Foods To Fight Inflammation!

Studies relate chronic inflammation to the deadliest diseases of the modern era, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Yet, this is no surprise if you consider the inflammatory ingredients of the foods we consume daily. These are the 6 most common inflammatory foods you need to avoid: White …

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Magnesium, Not Calcium, Is the Key to Healthy Bones

Calcium is undoubtedly extremely important for the health of your bones, but apparently, magnesium, not so much calcium, is the most important tool for creating sound bones during the period of adolescence, as found in a new research introduced at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) yearly group in the USA. …

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