Saturday , December 16 2017
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How Many Hours You Need to Sleep According to Your Age?

So seriously, how many of us are familiar with this scenario: few hours after midnight, we feel very energized so we surf the internet,  and update our profiles, following other updates of those who are not sleep for the same reasons! It’s a fact – the internet being available everywhere, …

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DIY: Miraculous Homemade Stain Remover

Different kind of stains can be removed with homemade preparation which compete with the most expensive purchase . This preparation not causes allergic reactions on the skin of children and adults,it is not filled chemicals. The recipe is very easy and simple,because everything is at your fingertips,all three ingredients:baking soda ,hydrogen …

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How Walking Every Day Affects Your Brain

Aerobic exercise has a benefits for the heart, but some researchers are saying that an aerobic workout has also benefits for the brain. The regular aerobic exercise such as walking can protect the memory center in the brain and the stretching exercise can cause the center called the hippocampus to shrink. There is a study that  involves …

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