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Does Cannabis Oil Contain Cancer-Fighting Properties?

The war against illegal substances in America has waged for decades and yet some of the most toxic and dangerous drugs are peddled to citizens everyday from local government sanctioned pharmacies. More and more research is making a case for the powerful medicinal properties of the cannabis sativa plant. According to the …

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How Sodium Bicarbonate is Used in Cancer Treatment

There are many ways in which people believe they can treat cancer. Some are successful in their attempts and others are not so lucky. Sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda, has been commonly used in cancer treatment. Over the years, oncologists have encouraged the use of sodium bicarbonate while …

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Dandelion Root Tea Kills Cancer Cells

dandelionkillscancer George Cairns is a man who was faced with an impossible choice. He was told by doctors that his cancer would kill him. George had to decide if he would simply give in to his disease or if he would do something about it, if he would fight. This …

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