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Corns and calluses facts

Corns and calluses are annoying and sometimes painful thickenings in the skin in areas of repeated pressure. Symptoms and signs of corns and calluses include a thick, hard patch of skin; bump on the skin; area of flaky, dry skin; pain or tenderness of the affected area. Corns and calluses …

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Natural Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is a catch-all term for a variety of ailments that cause the inflammation and irritation of the skin. It now affects more than 20% of infants and about 5% of adults and children although those numbers appear to be increasing due to dietary triggers and environmental pollutants. The standard …

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Why Does Our Skin Peel?

Peeling skin (desquamation) is a normal occurrence which happens as a reaction to a number of inflammatory processes. The surface of the skin is covered with dead cells that continually fall off and get replaced with new ones. Despite losing over a million of dead cells on a daily basis, …

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