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Greyhound owner brutally beats dog to death after it loses race, says he’ll eat its meat


WARNING: Dog lovers should probably pass on reading this story.

In Hebei’s Xiong county, some people spend big bucks on buying greyhounds and wagering on them in races. If the dog wins a race, then that owner can take home a tidy profit. If the dog loses, however, then the owner loses money and the poor pooch also pays the price.

An extremely disturbing video has gone viral on Chinese social media showing a man swinging a defenseless greyhound above his head before slamming it to the ground three times until the canine’s body is crushed and lifeless.

“Dog owners, listen up. If your dog isn’t good enough, eat it,” the man says while standing over the greyhound’s bloody carcass. “It lost the race, so now I’m going to eat its meat.”

You can watch the video below. Again, viewer discretion is very advised.


Posted online by Pear Video, the sickening footage has now racked up more than 5 million views with netizens from across the country condemning the dog owner for his outrageous act of cruelty. “This creature is not human,” wrote one Weibo user, referring to the dog owner. “I hope that he’s murdered in the same way that he killed his dog,” commented another.

China doesn’t have any laws against torturing animals, so even if this man is identified, he will face no consequences.

In recent years, more attention is being paid to retired greyhounds being sold and shipped to China where they are raced until injury or exhaustion before being sent off to the slaughterhouse.

Earlier this year, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park was exposed by animal rights activists for holding races between cheetahs and Australian greyhounds. An investigation by Animals Asia claimed that while waiting to race, the dozens of greyhounds were kept in a sweltering “prison” and given little food or water. If they happened to get injured, then they were fed live to the park’s big cats.

If you managed to make it all the way through this post, here’s a story about an elderly cop setting up a retirement home for his canine colleagues to help restore you faith in humanity.




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