If you want to prevent cancer, do it with the help of these three easily accessible and what’s the most important thing – natural ingredients. The recipe for this remedy was found on the blog of American doctor Caroline Anderson. It’s recommended that you try this remedy for the prevention of cancer and other diseases, which can appear because of different inflammatory processes in the organism.

These three ingredients have been used in the traditional medicine of India and Indian gastronomy for almost thousands of years. It’s important to know that India is one of the countries with the smallest number of people who have cancer in the world. It can show you that these three ingredients really have lots of healing properties.


For everyone interested, we’ll state that the rate of women with breast cancer in India is 1/5 related to the women in Northern America, 1/8 of people in India who have lung cancer related to the rest of the population in the world, 1/9 of patients with colon cancer and 1/50 of patients with prostate cancer. These results are stunning, which means that the ratio of women with breast cancer in America and India is 5:1 and the ratio of patients with prostate cancer in the world and India is 50:1.

Then we ask ourselves, what’s the main thing which protects Indian people from different types of cancer? The answer to this question is curcuma (turmeric). Curcuma is a spice with yellow-orange color and it’s a part of curry. It has a strong anti-inflammatory property. Together with ginger, curcuma is one of the most efficient natural ingredients which decrease the inflammatory processes in the organism. Curcumin from curcuma is responsible for the fight against inflammations. The newest researches show that curcumin prevents from cancer or prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells in the colon, brain, prostate, breasts etc.

How and in what quantities should we use curcuma in order to use all of its healing properties?


Studies show that many healing ingredients have a better and stronger effect if they’re combined with some other ingredients. That’s also the case with curcuma, because when it’s consumed by itself, the organism finds it pretty difficult to absorb it in the digestive tract. That’s why it’s best to consume curcuma with black pepper and ginger, because we can then absorb it well and its healing properties are used in the best possible way. Black pepper improves the absorption of curcuma for incredible 2000%. That’s why d-r Anderson offers the following recipe, which originates from the traditional Indian medicine.


Mix ¼ of a teaspoon of curcuma and ½ a tablespoon of olive oil and add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper in that. Mix all the ingredients to join well and you can add the mixture into soups, stews, salads, meat, vegetables, cereals e.g. wherever you want. You should know that these three ingredients shouldn’t be cooked a lot, but only add them into the last phase of cooking or in the already prepared meal, so that they don’t lose their healing properties. But, you can also use these three ingredients raw and consume them with water.

Doctor Anderson says that you can use the combination of these three ingredients very often because if you bring them into your everyday nutrition, you can decrease the risk of the appearance of cancer and other diseases significantly.

You can acquire curcuma in healthy food stores and in some better supplied supermarkets and it’s not very expensive. Olive oil and black pepper are usually available ingredients for everyone.

It’s also interesting that curcuma has been used for more than 2000 years in India, China and also in the countries from the Middle East.