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She Got a Bit of Baking Soda In Her Shampoo. When She Washed Her Hair? Definitely Going To Try It Tonight

Baking soda is an element that people sometimes use in cooking, but also has lot of other uses that are not that well known, and a few of them can improve the health.

Women are constantly looking for tips and tricks on how to feel and look good, nevertheless never seems to tire.

And the truth is that the products on the market do not satisfy them and prefer to go by natural techniques to achieve the beauty results they have always wanted to have.

Today we tell you in this post that if you add baking soda to the shampoo you will have the hair that you have always wanted, and not only that, since baking soda is used to look better on other parts of the body, and look dazzling before the world.

Bicarbonate has always been a natural cleanser and cleanser, and is not only used for cooking, or for magical medicinal wonders; But today we show you how you can use it in your favor to look like a movie star.

Straight hair

As we said at the beginning if you put bicarbonate in your shampoo you will achieve the desired hair, because if you see that your hair is beginning to look opaque, lifeless and lacking in brightness that it once had, could be attributed to an excess of accumulation of Product on the scalp or hair itself.

When you wash your hair again, you will take some baking soda, sprinkle it with your shampoo and then you will just use it as usual, what it does is that it acts as a softening shampoo, oxygenating it.

Dry Skin


Now, if you have dry and flaky skin and therefore need creams and oils to constantly moisturize, here is a face mask with baking soda. Just take a little baking soda and mix it with water until you get a paste.

Then apply it to your face like a normal mask and let stand there for about an hour. Then wash it normally and you will see the results. You can also use this paste on other sides of the body that are dry.

Soft feet

For a pedicure at home, take three tablespoons of baking soda and join with warm water. After that, add a little lavender or peach essential oil.

Let your feet soak in the next 40 minutes. You can also take more baking soda and rub in where you have those old crusts to give your feet softness.

So you already know that you can use baking soda to your advantage, and that you can achieve excellent results.

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