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Fact or Myth: Can Dental X-Rays Cause Cancer?


This is a FACT.

Whether you visit your dentist once every three months, six months, or a year, chances are high that you’re going to be bullied into getting yet another set of x-rays…that you probably don’t need! The journal Cancerreports that dental x-rays more than double your risk of brain cancer! We’ve got the findings below, and the answer to the pertinent question, “how often should you get dental x-rays?”

X-ray photographyThe Number One Risk Factor for Brain Cancer


Meningioma is a type of brain cancer that impacts the membranes that envelop your brain. The number one risk factor for this type of brain cancer is ionising radiation. What’s the main culprit of ionising radiation? Dental x-rays!

Radiation infiltrates your cells and injures your DNA. The damage accumulates over time, and impaired DNA strands can lead to gene mutation and the development of cancer.

In 2012, scientists determined just how much dental x-rays contribute to your risk of meningioma brain cancer. The results are alarming:

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