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Did you know…?

Did you know…?
1. Roasted peppers are easier to peel if you sprinkle a handful of coarse salt on them and cover them with a lid?
2. Mashed potatoes get a lighter colour and are fluffier if you use hot milk to make them?

3. You should never put salt on liver before you fry it, or else it will become too firm?
4. You should add 2 tablespoons of oil to the water you use for polenta?
5. Tomato stains on dishes disappear if you leave them in the sun for a few hours?

6. Bananas wrapped in newspaper and placed in cold places are preserved better?
7. Potatoes do not rot or develop mould in their sack if you put an apple inside with them?
8. Cream is better whipped if you keep it in the refrigerator, or even in the freezer?


9. When whipping egg whites, you should add a little salt for a denser consistency?
10. You should not open the oven door for 10-13 minutes after placing a cake inside, or else the dough will not rise properly?
11. Soup will be clearer if when we boil meat for it we add a whole onion as well, without cutting its tail to stop it from falling apart?

When the onion has boiled, it can thus be removed from the pot, even if the meat is not yet done.
12. To avoid burning sauces, the pot in which you prepare them must have thick walls? In addition, if it is wide enough, it will be easier to mix with the spoon, and the content will drop faster?

13. Tomato juice causes meat or vegetables to become firm if it is added in the beginning? To avoid this, put tomato juice in your dishes when the meat or vegetables are nearly done.
14. Instead of white wine, you can add 2 cubes of sugar dissolved in a little white wine vinegar in your sauces?
15. You can speed up boiling meat if you add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar?
16. If a dish is too salty, you can try fixing it with 1 – 2 raw potatoes, added until boiled?
17. Surplus fat from a borsch separates when the dish is placed in the freezer?

18. Red wine stains can be removed with salt or white wine?
19. In the water we use for boiling eggs, salt is placed so that they can be cleaner?
20. Roasted peppers peel easier if they are kept in a plastic bag for 10 minutes after they are done?
21. Sugar is not the sweetest food? Stevia (not the kind used for meat rolls), originating in South America, is 300 times sweeter than sugar.
22. You can prevent severe hair loss by drinking coffee? The secret lies in caffeine, which stimulates the growth of follicles and blocks a chemical in the blood that destroys the capillary follicles.
23. A man consumes about 50 tons of food over the course of his life?
24. You prevent cancer by eating fish? Omega-3 fights against prostate cancer.
25. The apple has a therapeutic effect? Antioxidant substances in it help reduce cholesterol and diminish the risk of breast and lung cancer.




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