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8 Mouth Cancer Symptoms You Constantly Ignore

The lips are the indicator about the early signs of mouth cancer that your body develops. But we often ignore the signs our body gives us and are not aware that we hide diseases.

The oral area involves your tongue, gums, lips, and the mouth.Mouth cancer is very similar with throat cancer. This cancer can be developed in one spot and can be spread to another place.

The best and the most effective treatment for mouth cancer is if you find about it in the early stages.

This matters for all the cancer types that exist.

But first you need to know all the mouth cancer types in order to find about it in the early stage.

8 Mouth Cancer Symptoms You Constantly Ignore

Fred Tripodi DDS

Here are the mouth cancer symptoms we can easily ignore:

  1. Sores on/in your Mouth

These are the flat, painless patches in the inside flesh of your mouth. They must be white or red to be considered as dangerous. This comes from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.Be careful not to confuse these canker ulcers and cold sores.

Consult your doctor and check this condition to see if it’s more severe and what kind of treatment it requires.

  1. Lumps and Thick Patches

Again, these sad show up on the inside of your mouth and indicate a developing stage of the cancer. You can feel them with your tongue and might feel like ridges or bubbles.

  1. Loose Teeth

It’s never a good sign for an adult. You are probably developing cancer and need to get proper treatment.

If you feel that your teeth are loosening up, get a medical attention immediately.

Only a medical professional can determine if it’s cancer or some other condition.

  1. Throat Lump

That’s strange. The throat lump hasn’t been there before.

The condition is called “Globus Sensation,” and it feels like something is stuck in there that you can’t swallow.

On top of that, eating food will become difficult.


The bad thing here is that this is one of the most common symptoms that could mean another thing. Your job is to stop ignoring this condition and check it up with your doctor.

It’s probably nothing to worry about, but you have to release those bad thoughts.

  1. Ear Pain

The unexplained ear pain might be the cancer developing in your mouth.

Your ears are closely connected with your mouth and throat. It’s a common thing for the pain to reflect in your ears and the real problem to be in your mouth.

Men’s Health reveals that the nerve that communicates with the back of the tongue also keeps the communication ongoing with the ears. That’s why your ears are picking up the pain information first.

  1. Tongue or Mouth Numbness

This is a big one. If you suddenly lose sensation in any part of your mouth, something is going on.

Numbness shows up when the nerve signals are somehow interrupted by a patch or mass of abnormal cells.

  1. Trouble Moving Your Jaw

The pain in your jaw is one of those typical mouth cancer symptoms.

It could be a sign of mild condition, like TMJ, but you need to be sure about it and consider it as a severe warning sign.

The whole package of symptoms might indicate a disruption in the normal movement of the jaw from inside.

  1. Slurred or Thick Speech

If the voice starts acting strange like scratchy or hoarse, it could mean that something is happening in there.

Your tongue and mouth should be your primary focus.

There you have it. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, don’t push the panic button just yet. Make sure the doctor determines if you are suffering from something like this or not.

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Let’s raise awareness about oral health.

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