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Top 7 Natural Cures For Cancer That Got Buried By The FDA, AMA, CDC

How to keep the spread of cancer growing? Hide the cure. How to get 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with mutated cancers that metastasize uncontrollably? Just breed cancer in food products and medications.

When has America first started the evil circle of making people sick and hiding the cure? About 100 years ago. But, when did this whole thing really start?

The American Medical Association (AMA) and Morris Fishbein were the first to start this. Fishbein removed nutritional education from U.S. medical schools, and he also installed a fake seal of approval for dangerous chemical-loaded drugs that actually stimulate cancer growth. Wonder what else did he do?


If you still have some doubts regarding this issue, and need concrete evidence that will help you avoid cancer, check this historical facts that will hopefully make you go 100% organic and seek for natural remedies and super-foods when it comes to improving immunity, and maintaining overall health.


Let’s make the first step on the journey of truth and the not so health-friendly history of medicine in what we call “The Land of the Free.” We shall start with the top seven cures that media never presented to the public.

Why is that? Well, most of their advertising money are provided by Big Pharma, GMO Agriculture giants, like Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer, and Dow Chemical, and the great number of lobbyist and politicians that earn from the cancer therapies that do more harm than good:

1. The American Medical Association gave a cancer researcher $250,000 to retire in Mexico and stop its work based on natural cures:


2. Burzynski documentary revealed the true strategy of FDA and the whole cancer industry to destroy cures that could help people diagnosed with the disease.


3. The documentary “Dying to Have Known” features Gerson Therapy natural cancer cure:


4. Harry Hoxsey: Found guilty of using herbal therapy to cure cancer



5. Reishi and chagacan are medical mushrooms that destroy cancer

6. Is marijuana a cure for cancer?


7. 35% hydrogen peroxide destroys cancer cells!


Pay it 100 years forward

About 100 years ago, the American Medical Association removed nutrition from U.S. medical schools. Doctors could no longer understand the power of food as a medicine. Moreover, they were not even allowed to suggest it. Mid-wives, Native American herbalists and alternative medicine practicants were all referred to as “quacks.”

Western Medicine Philosophy suggested that no food or herb in the world could cure any disease or disorder, claiming that only pharmaceutical ‘goodies’ and vaccines could save the world, as reported in peer reviews, medical and science journals (JAMA), scientific “studies” or even labeled on products.


At the moment, no food, herb, tincture or super-food can be referred to as a cure for anything. Furthermore, medications advertised since 1997 are considered to be efficient in treating any disease or disorded, despite all the side-effects, including internal bleeding or suicide.  (

On the other hand, nature has the cure for everything, even though this is not admitted by mass media. Natural remedies will also help you prevent diseases and improve your immune system. Nutritionists and Naturophatic Physicians agree that organic foods are the key to healthy life and wellness.

Plant-based diet regimens will relieve any symptoms and cure different health conditions. Remember, our bodies are machines that fire on all cylinders when given the right fuel. Take these facts into consideration and enjoy your health freedom, energy boost and avoid diseases.

In that way you will not only help yourself, but your family as well. Follow the truth and live life as you deserve. Learn and help others see the truth. Say no to foods and drinks that cause cancer. Go organic! (

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