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Take A Good Look At It: What Are Your Fingers Saying For Your Personality?


First look at your fingers or just precisely one of them and decide which of these shapes fits it the best. Read the following for answers:

Finger type A:

  • You are some kind of eccentric and arrogant
  • You hide your feelings often and often melancholy is present in your life. You try to leave impression of strong and independent person but, that is just a lie.
  • Not showing much of emotions
  • You have huge heart and want to help a lot. If you have some obligation you will do it properly even if you don’t like it.
  • You are very cold towards the distant people in your life but, very emotional to those who have special place in your heart.
  • You want to laugh so you laugh even on things that are not funny.
  • You are real, you hate lying and hypocrisy.

Finger type B:

  • Very sensitive but not showing that often.
  • You often daydream. Daydream about one person that will come in your life and poses understanding, loving and everything you ever imagined.
  • You do not take the first step in contacting humans.
  • Your work and your obligations are finished completely by the end.
  • You pretend that is quite normal being single but you actually do not quite think that.
  • You remain calm while other person’s behavior is not ok.
  • While talking and communicating you seem as one very strong and independent person but you have soft heart who can easily be broken.

Finger type C:

  • You keep emotions and problems just for yourself.
  • You are not vengeful, you cut off the things who are pissing you.
  • You respect other people opinions.
  • You love when people trust you.
  • You have soft heart which can easily be hurt so therefore you always forgive to ones that sincerely apologize to you.
  • Sometimes you are unbearable. Your ego is high but you always end up apologizing first after fight. 






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