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Evidence Suggests Nanoparticles In Tattoo Ink May Cause Cancer

Evidence Suggests Nanoparticles in Tattoo Ink May Cause Cancer. If you once decided to get a tattoo (or more than one), you most probably thought more about its artistic and social value, than the health problems it may cause.

Actually, maybe you are not aware that the health aspects of a tattoo, except the risk of infections, include some allergic reactions and transmission of some diseases due to non-sterilized equipment. Studies constantly show that there are some additional risks, especially if the design of your tattoo requires large areas of black ink, because the ink itself may be toxic.

Tattooing brings many different consequences and risks. But, scientists work tirelessly and recently discovered that the body can absorb the toxins contained in ink used in the tattooing process which can cause cancer!

Experts believe that nanoparticles found in tattooing oil could reach to the bloodstream and accumulate in the spleen and kidneys, which disables the body from filtering the toxins.

It is said that “the oil used in tattooing is histologically inactive, despite the fact that tattoo artists often use various pigments with unknown degree of purity and origin.” However, researchers from the University of Bradford, using a microscopy with atomic power on nano-levels, examined tattooed skin and found evidence that proves the previous claims as false.

In the preliminary research, they discovered that the tattooing process remodels collagen (the main connective tissue in the body). Furthermore, it was found that nanoparticles contained in ink go deeper in the skin, and actually get to the vital organs and other tissues.


This may be a problem, because tattooing oil is largely suspicious and it is widely known that it can contain carcinogenic compounds.

Nanoparticles have ultra-microscopic size, thus easily penetrate through the skin and reach the blood vessels and the blood stream. Evidence suggest that some nanoparticles can cause brain poisoning and damage nerves, while some can be even carcinogenic as proven recently.

Even though the development of skin cancer on tattooed areas was considered as coincidental, it is largely unknown whether tattooing ink may contribute to the occurrence of cancer or other health problems elsewhere in the body.

So far there is no systematic research that would examine the safety of injecting ink in the body, even though the National Toxicology Institute in Britain conducts numerous studies to determine the chemical composition of tattooing ink and the way it dissolves in the body, the short and long term consequences, the safety of ink and pigments, or literally how would the body react to light.






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