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How Kim Healed Breast Cancer + Costa Rica Retreat!

Meet my friends Theo and Kim Hanson!

In 2014, Kim was diagnosed with  Invasive Ductile Carcinoma Stage 2b w/ Differentiation Er/PR+, HER2 negative.
Within one month of starting a hardcore nutrition protocol her tumor had shrunk by 45%. Two months later it had shrunk by another third and she reluctantly agreed to have a lumpectomy which was a required by her surgeons before they would remove and replace two leaking breast implants (one was ruptured by a mammogram, the other punctured by a needle biopsy) that were damaged as a result of her “medical care”.
April 27th – May 1st 2017 Theo & Kim are hosting a health and healing retreat in Costa Rica called Cancer Unplugged. I will be there along with Dr. Sunil Pai MD, and you are invited too!

I know you will love this awesome interview.

The first half is Kim’s story and then at the 14 minute mark Theo talks about the Costa Rica event.

Note: The audio quality is not ideal, but that’s what we had to work with.


If you’d like to come spend a week with us and Dr. Sunil Pai MD in Costa Rica, learn more at

Here are links to four studies showing that women who undergo lumpectomies instead of mastectomies have BETTER survival, along with a quick summary of the findings of each study.

Disease Free Survival rates in Breast Conservation Therapy (lumpectomy) and Modified Radical Mastectomy groups were 91.3% and 86.3%, respectively. Disease Free Survival rates in BCT and MRM groups were 93.6% and 87.7%, respectively.

Effect of breast conservation therapy vs mastectomy on disease-specific survival for early-stage breast cancer.

The 5-year breast cancer-specific survival rates of patients who underwent Breast Conservation Therapy, a mastectomy alone, or a mastectomy with radiation were 97%, 94%, and 90%, respectively. The 10-year breast cancer-specific survival rates were 94%, 90%, and 83%, respectively

Use of and mortality after bilateral mastectomy compared with other surgical treatments for breast cancer in California, 1998-2011.

Breast-conserving surgery with radiation 10-year mortality, 16.8%. Unilateral mastectomy 10-year mortality, 20.1%. Bilateral mastectomy 10-year mortality, 18.8%
Data on 189,734 breast cancer patients from California show that the 10-year survival rate for women who had both breasts removed was 81.2%, That was statistically indistinguishable from the 83.2% 10-year survival rate for women who had breast-conserving surgery and radiation. Both groups fared better than women who opted for a single mastectomy; their 10-year survival rate 79.9%



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