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For 8 months baby had blood sores on face, when mom found reason she was shocked

For 8 months baby had blood sores on face, when mom found reason she was shocked

For 8 months baby had blood sores on face, when mom found reason she was shocked

This poor toddler stopped eating and was unwilling to go outdoors because her face was terribly ravaged by herpes. After a long eight months of suffering, she finally recovered and is once again a clear skinned and beautiful girl.

2-year-old Sienna Duffield looked like someone had “thrown acid over her face,” as her mother described her toddler’s condition.

“She stopped eating and every day for eight months was horrific, there was always blood on her clothes,” said her mother, Savina French-Bell, a nursery worker from Gloucester, a city and district in southwest England.

Her 22-year-old mother said it was a hard time for her to take her little daughter outside. “I was scared to take her outside,” she said. “People would give us horrible looks, children would stare and adults would make nasty comments.”

Sienna Duffield had her worst birthday at just age two. She was rushed to the hospital on her birthday because the blisters covering her face started bleeding. She was put on an IV drip since she was unable to eat.

“It came out of nowhere on her second birthday when she started developing ulcers in her mouth,” said her mom.

Then the symptom spread all over the girl’s face. It caused bleeding, pus, and scabbing around her mouth, cheeks, and then extended to her eyes.

“It spread from her mouth to her cheeks, and above her eyes,” said Savina, Sienna’s mom. “Sienna was being eaten alive by her skin infection.”

Sienna’s skin would stick to pillows and to her clothes every day, leaving blood marks everywhere.

“I tried to stop her from scratching herself but she would use surfaces such as sofas in the house to scratch her face,” said Savina.


At first, doctors thought she had some sort of allergy or a severe case of eczema. But allergy tests indicated that Sienna wasn’t allergic to anything. Doctors were confused as to why the little girl’s face would be so ravaged by blisters.

For eight months, no antibiotics were working as the infection kept coming back, eating into her skin. Worried mom then recalled all the events before Sienna got her first rash, shockingly she remembered that a relative had kissed the baby. The relative was suffering from herpes.

Doctors eventually prescribed flucloxacillin antibiotics for the toddler, which worked. After 8 months of agony, Sienna’s condition had cleared up.

“For the past few months, Sienna’s face has looked amazing and the infection has not returned,” said her mom, after the girl’s 3rd birthday.

Despite her mother’s concern that Sienna’s skin condition would recur, she reassured herself to stay positive.

“There is always a chance of it coming back but fingers crossed it won’t happen and her skin will stay as good as it is now,” said Savina. “I was told that the older she gets, the better her body will be at fighting off infections.”

“It’s great to be able to go outside and not get any horrible comments from anyone,” said the happy mother. “Whereas before people were nasty to Sienna, now everyone is overwhelmed at how her face has healed, and that’s amazing to see.”

Savina warns other parents to keep a watch on their children, though it is not possible to monitor every interaction kids have, but one must be as careful as possible.

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