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Two of the Biggest C’s: Vitamin C and Cancer

Two of the Biggest C’s: Vitamin C and Cancer

Vitamin C plays a large role in our everyday life. Along with its ability to keep us looking younger, prevent us from picking up nearly every sickness in the book, and enhance our absorption of other vitamins and minerals, this safe and effective nutrient has now been found to help prevent the growth of cancer cells. No wonder it has been given so much attention.

Two of the Biggest C’s: Vitamin C and Cancer
Fighting the Enemy

According to New Zealand scientists, vitamin C prevents carcinogenetic effects of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) within our cells. The H202 in our body can be damaging to normal tissue. With enough vitamin C, cancer cells are tricked into thinking that it is sugar and instead sucks it up. The outcome? Internal tumor formation is inhibited.


The amount of vitamin C that is needed daily varies from person to person. Studies show that you need to consume 500mg daily to achieve all of its health benefits. This is a great deal higher than the RDA amount of 75-90mg per day. Cancer battling patients should look to take at least 1000mg daily and add more if need be. Easing your way into the correct amount is crucial due to the fact that too much of this nutrient may result in gas and bloating.

If you eat enough fruits and vegetables you may also be able to get enough of the benefits that this supplement offers. Some of the best sources include cantaloupe, orange juice, broccoli, green and red peppers, and kiwi. If you intend to take a tablet, it is important to look for vitamin C with ascorbic acid and stay away with forms that contain sodium and calcium C.

Go ahead and give it a whirl and “C” what vitamin C can do for you.

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