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Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP! Read About the Disgusting Reasons Why

How can the third most consumed fish in America actually be totally harmful?

Fish is always said to be the safer of meat, but if it’s grown in China then there’s a red flag, since China has very bad practices when it comes to farming.


Tilapia has gained popularity for it’s low cost and it’s tastiness. If wild, this would in fact be a healthy fish to consume. But farmed in China, and the health factor takes a dive big time. And most all tilapia is farmed.

There’s none of the healthy oils in tilapia since it is fed soy and GMO corn.

Here are other nasty health concerns regarding farm produced tilapia:

High Dioxin Levels.

Dioxins are toxic and can trigger cancers to develop. Tilapia farm produced fish contains high dioxin levels, sometimes 11 times higher than wild tilapia! And once they are in your body, expect them to remain for a whopping 7-11 years!

High Pesticides and Antibiotics.

Farm-bred fish contains much higher levels of pesticides and antibiotics as they are bred in a more susceptible to disease, crowded area like pools. For this reason they are given antibiotics to maintain health. Pesticides are also given so they will ward off sea lice. Wild salmon actually die if they accidentally ingest these type of pesticides that the tilapia are given.



Inflammation can be the result of eating farm-bred tilapia, new research is showing. It can worsen existing cases of inflammation and lead to the following: asthma, heart disease, and arthritis. Believe it or not, it is being said that you are actually better off eating bacon and burgers than eating tilapia if you want to reduce your chances at health risks from inflammation.

Lower healthy Omega’s

Many eat fish for the healthy omega benefits, but farm bred tilapia contain out of balance omega-3 to omega-6 ratios and the wild tilapia have fatty acids which are more health beneficial and have more protein than farm bred.

The fish get fatty since they are raised in crammed pools which leads to them containing more omega 6’s which increase inflammation risk.

Cancer Causing Pollutants

If the above doesn’t convince you, then this well. Farm bred tilapia are fed chicken poop, with a side of pig and duck waste. All in all farmed-fish 10 times more cancer pollutant exposure than wild fish.

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