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You Should Stop Using These 6 Everyday Products In Your Home Because They Can Cause Cancer

We are getting old and we think that our home is actually our castle. However things are changed and in these days our homes may be dangerous and not safe at all.

There is a lot of information concerning the infamous nitrobenzen, formaldehyde and methylene chloride – all of them are carcinogens and they can be found in products that we use on a daily basis such as plastic, rubber, perfumes, dyes and shampoos.

Just take a close look at some of the products that you thought they are harmless. You can check how many health problems they can cause. Afterwards make the right choice and get rid them. They can cause cancer and you need to protect yourself and your family.

1. Air fresheners

Different air fresheners contain carcinogens, toxins and organic compounds including phthalate esters. A study conducted by the NRDC – a Natural Resources Defense Council included 13 household air fresheners. It was discovered that most of them had chemicals which can worsen asthma and they can also affect the reproductive development.

A study conducted in 2008 by Anne Steinemann discovered that the air-fresheners that were tested contained chemicals regulated as hazardous or toxic under the federal law, such as carcinogens which are not safe to an exposure level. It is also important that these chemicals were not on the list on the Material Safety Data Sheets. You can use essential oils to replace them.

2. Candles

One study conducted by the CPSC – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that 40% of the candles that are sold on the market had lead wires in their wicks. The scented candles contain lead wicks. The fragrance oils can soften the wax and that is why the manufacturers use lead in order to make the wicks harder and firmer.

A candle that has a lead-core wick will release 5 times more than the the amount of lead that is considered to be hazardous for children and it also exceeds EPA – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pollution standards for air. If you are exposed to a lot of lead it can cause learning disabilities, hormone disruption, behavioral problems and other health problems.

Your home can be cozy and softly lid by using beewax candles made with cotton wicks.

3. Art supplies


Some art supplies such as rubber cement glue, Epoxy, solvents and acrylic paints, permanent markers have chemicals that can cause allergies, cancer and organ damage.

Children are mostly vulnerable to toxins since their metabolism is higher and their immune system is immature. That is why it is very important to be careful with the products you use for them.

4. Shampoos

You may not believe but conventional shampoos contain a lot of toxic ingredients. Their effects are researched at this moment and there isn’t approved discovery that they can cause cancer.

5. Antiperspirants and deodorants

The conventional antiperspirants and deodorants have different ingredients that are connected to virulent cancers. Because they are made to stay on our bodies for a longer period of time, this allows the possible absorption of dangerous chemicals through our skin.

6. Shower curtains

Shower curtains made of plastic leach a lot of toxic chemicals. They do not leach only in your bath or shower, but in the environment as well. They emit dangerous chemicals that are also known as VOC –volatile organic chemicals.

You can reduce your contact with most of the above mentioned products and change them with traditional cleaners. They will make your home your own castle.




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