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Vitamin B17 – Why It’s Some Of The Biggest Cover-Ups In The History Of Cancer

Nowadays, people can get access to a lot of medical studies and researches. However, a solution for cancer is still not found.

Traditional cancer treatments have a negative effect on the human body, and can even lead to death. Nevertheless, there is still a natural treatment that is used years ago. However, is it maybe not remmembered or hammered?


Have you heard about Vitamin B17? This article is mainly going to deal with this topic.

Vitamin B17 in not a vitamin, it is more than that. Vitamin B17 is also called purasin, amygdalin, laetrile or laevorotatory. Mainly, it is composed of two core components – hydrogen cyanide and glucose.

You do not have to fear about its cyanide component. It is in really small amounts, and as researchers claim, you should take at least 65 apricot kernels in order to face its negative effects.

A lot of people think it can kill cancer cells. It is effective in the way that glucose enters into the cancer cells, so that cyanide as well as benzaldahyde, kill the cancer cells together. A lot of people cannot put up with the presence of cyanide in the human bodies, but the main thing that destroys the body is the cancer, not the cyanide. It is supposed that cyanide destroys cancer, and has no any fatal results, when is used appropriately.

The effects of laetrile on cancer have been tested by the scientists, but the results have not been published yet.

Some doctors have treated their patients with laetrile, but it has been banned by the FDA, since they have been accused of using it.

Some people thought that it was prohibited because it may lower the budget. There was a question why it should be approved if it is not patentable. So, in this manner, the economy is not going to get any profit.

Richardson, M.D. and some other doctors have healed their patients illegally. However, the results of the treatment have been abolished by the traditional cancer treatments. Although the research has been made public in ‘Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinc Experiences’.

Some reporters made efforts to publish the unbeneficial effects of laetrile, even though he was successful in the business; he was fired from his workplace.

The politics of the cancer are a weird business.


Another book with the same content is ‘World Without Cancer: The Vitamin B17’.

– What we suggest to do:

We do not try to convince you to use laetrile, since our main aim is to tell people about the newest results in the alternative medicine. You should decide what is most convenient for yourself. Therefore, this article is only a report of the studies and researches that have been done.

You can order apricot kernels on Amazon. The reviews posted on the page will show you the experiences of people who have already ordered it.

This is a comment of a woman:

‘I ordered seeds from kernels before 2 months for my husband and the result was – toenails fungus disappeared. The prostate problems were solved. The indigestion also disappeared. He lost weight. I only lost 5 pound and I fell energetic’.

‘I must admit that they are really bitter, but if you are not a serious weenie, you will not have problems with their consumption. I mainly eat them on their own or with a bit of dark chocolate…’

‘Now, I am taking 8 per day and I fell greater than ever before’.

For minimal result, a lot of people use it in combination with low-sugar diet regimen. In case you are treated from cancer, this report would be useful for you. It may be put on additional research, but certainly you have already tried more rigorous solutions.

Based on the reviews on Amazon, laetrile has no any negative effects, only if you eta a few kernels. In comparison to the deadly cancer, the laetrile ha got lower risk.

Is it possible to be a real solution for treating cancer? No one knows.

It is illegal to use it yet; but seeds can be legally used as a supplement. Whereas it is illegal to use laetrile, it is legal to buy seeds as food supplements as a cancer treatment.




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