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This Amazing Drink Can Cure Cancer, Leukemia And Other Incurable Diseases

Rudolf Breuss was a well-known naturopath from Austria. Born in 1899, he committed his life to find an alternative treatment for cancer and developed this six week “juice fasting”.
Amazing Drink

He claimed that since he created this juice, he treated over 2000 patients. It is said that the treatment successfully healed conditions like breast cancer, laryngeal cancer, brain tumors, lung cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, ovarian cancer, and patients that had radiation burns on their skin. Since 1986 he estimated that 45,000 patients had been successfully healed by this method.

“In my opinion, healing is returning your body into full function, without removing parts of it by amputation and surgery.”

Since cancer cells have different metabolism than the normal cells, his method was to starve them while providing nutrients to the undamaged parts of the body.

Two patients with stomach cancer cured with the Breuss diet

In 1950 Olga Marte from Austria was diagnosed with stomach and her doctor wanted to do a surgery. But she was unsure that this is the best approach. In this period, she met Rudolf Breuss visiting another patient in her town. Mr.

Breuss told her about his cure and noted that only two people had tried his approach. Olga decided to postpone the surgery and to give the juice a try. Together with another patient suffering from stomach cancer, she successfully completed his treatment.

The follow-up results of both patients could not detect traces of cancer.

Breuss Cancer Cure

This treatment lasts 42 days and it heavily relies on juicies. Raw juices are rich in antioxidants and enzymes that will keep you healthy and create a defense system against the toxins in the environment.

During the fast, all fruits and vegetable are consumed in liquid form. All fruits and vegetables need to be organic and their sediments have to be removed. The theory is that cancer cells live only on the proteins found in solid food.

So, if you drink only teas and juices for 42 days the cancer cells will die.


Breuss stressed that his patients avoided geopathic stress and household toxins like moth repellents, fly sprays, camphor, naphthalene, toilet rim blocks and DDT. He wrote that when no disease can be treated it these toxins are in your house.

Breuss Juice Recipe

This juice is made of beetroots, celery, carrots, radish, and potatoe in certain amounts, to provide the essential nutrients required for proper nourishment. Along with the juice, Breuss recommends herbal teas to increase the cleansing effects.


• One beet
• One carrot
• One celery stick
• Half potato
• One radish


Place the ingredients in a blender, one by one. Pour the juice in a glass and slowly drink it.

Regularly move the bowels to avoid accumulation of toxins. As the cancer cells die, they release toxins. You will release toxins from various parts of the body during this fast. Because your intestines will have standstill during the juice cleanse, enemas may help you in the process




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