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Popeye’s Secret to Nutritionally Fight Cancer

Popeye's Secret to Nutritionally Fighting Cancer

Doctors have known for a long time that cancer is caused by healthy cells that mutate into dangerous cancer cells. However, researchers are now finding that cancer is often the expression of a gene that is turned on by environmental factors, such as diet or exposure to other body toxins. One food that fights the expression of these genes is spinach, which childhood cartoons ate for strength. Turns out, Popeye wasn’t that far off after all!

Popeye's Secret to Nutritionally Fighting CancerCancer and Spinach

Cancer cells are often present as stem cells. Researchers are now finding that cancer cells are present at birth, but may be turned on to encourage the growth of cancerous tumors when certain foods, such as grilled or processed meats, are consumed or when a person is exposed to dangerous environmental toxins, like asbestos.Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is high in vitamin C, lutein, zeaxathin and beta carotene. Rich in cancer fighting antioxidants, spinach can fight free radicals that cause cancer and contribute to aging. While some consumers are concerned with spinach that is packaged in plastic bags and placed on display under florescent lights in grocery stores, researchers have found that these lights do not damage the vegetable at all.


Spinach has also been found to be one of the few vegetables that fights against aggressive forms of prostate cancer, defined as stage 3 or 4. Other recommended foods to fight aggressive forms of cancer include similar green leafy vegetables, such as kale, collard greens, mustard greens and turnip greens. The presence of epoxyxanthophyllis carotenoid chemicals is thought to be one of the primary reasons greens are so effective in fighting cancer.

Spinach can be found in adult bunches or consumed as tender baby spinach. Spinach can be safely boiled for up to one minute to reduce the concentration of oxalic acid, but still retain vital flavor and nutritional content.

Do you like spinach? What are your favorite ways to eat this healthy green leafy vegetable? Have any good recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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