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This Video will Definitely Make you Start Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A video from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta shows that obesity is not something that just happens overnight. It shows that obesity is a result of a series of lifestyle choices, starting from the early age.

It is a process of building unhealthy eating habits that lead to one point – serious health issues.

The video gives an image of the life journey of a man whose unhealthy eating habits lead him to the operating chair.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

He already has diabetes and the doctors are constantly advising him and his mothers to make serious life changes. However, he suffers from a heart attack and the worst part is that he is only 30 years old when that happens.

You are actually looking at the future of today’s children. It shows how our children will end up if we do not teach them to eat healthy.

His mother gives this man French fries when he is just a baby only to calm him down so he would stop crying. As he grows up we are looking how his eating habits are getting worse by the year.


Yet, she is not the only parent who does that. People are often oblivious of the real consequences of eating fast food and processed food.

By choosing to feed them pizza, burgers and French fries from early age, they are determining the future of their own children. And if that continues, their future is not bright at all.

The image of the obese man lying in the operating room full of doctors is dreadful, considering how young he is, and what made him get there.

This video should be a lesson for the people to see what life might be like for a child who carries unhealthy habits with him into the adulthood.

You are the only one who can decide what your future and the future of your children will be like.

Therefore, improve the quality of your life, start making changes right away, and avoid risking your own life and the life of your children as a result of an unhealthy diet.




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