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Not Even Adults Can Answer This Maths Puzzle Meant For Children

Not Even Adults Can Answer This Maths Puzzle Meant For Children

Maths. It was a subject many of us hated or dreaded at school, myself being on of them. 

Was it just me or did math class always seem to drag out, an hour felt like five, and you could feel yourself age as you’re trying to figure out something silly like Y+Z=X-Y.


Honestly, who uses that in their adult life? I know I never have.

Personally, all I need to know is adding, subtracting, multiples, and percentages.


But even sometimes I still have to use a calculator.

Do we really need to know anything else? If we can’t solve it surely the internet can?





Despite many people’s ongoing dislike for math puzzles, occasionally one will pop up and astound us all.


Something so simple that we actually struggle to solve.

This puzzle is part of math’s homework, and it’s meant for small children.


We all know how it goes when it comes to homework, many children will quite often enlist the help of their parents to help solve the work. 

If the little ones can’t do it, surely mommy and daddy can help. But what if they can’t?






This puzzle is meant for children, yet many adults are struggling to solve this ‘simple’ puzzle meant for children.


It does beg the question, are our children becoming smarter than us?


Think not? Then can you solve this puzzle and figure out the answer to the fourth question?





So since the three red flowers equal 60, you can divide the total answer by 3 to discover what each flower is worth. 60 divided by 3 equals 20.


So since the red flower equals 20, then the purple flowers must equal 5. 20 plus 5 plus 5 equals 30.


If the yellow flower is being taken away from the purple flower, which is worth 5, and what’s left is 3, then that means the yellow flower is worth 2.


Getting easier right? In that case, let’s see if you can figure the last one on your own.


Good luck, and let us know the answer in the comments below!







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