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A Girl who bleeds with eyes and ears, Rare disease.

 A Girl who bleeds with eyes and ears, Rare disease.

bleedsA girl who bleeds with eyes and ears, A girl with tears of blood ‘Marnie’.

It all started at March 2013 when a Teenager Marnie-Rae Harvey was just 14 year, from stoke-on-Trent. Began to cough the blood.




And the Mystery continues and at the night of July 2015 the little Marnie woke up with her face stained in the blood. Actually she was bleeding with her eye.

bleedsAt age of 14 little Marnie started shedding blood tears

Marnie’s parents called ambulance. The paramedic’s staff was shocked as they have never witnessed this medical condition before.

She says, “When in hospital, the doctor looked in my eyes but all was fine”.

“My Eyes bleed and some time blood covers my face and in just few seconds it all gone to normal”. She explains.

“All my blood tests were fine”.

“I can’t see anything when it covers the pupil of eye. It burns”. She further tells

The Doctors define the term as Haemolacria In which the person bleeds tears. It is very rare.

The causes of Haemolacria are clotting issues, injuries or tears gland malfunction. But this little girl is cleared all the tests.

This mysterious blood also comes from her ears, nose, gums, nails, tongue and scalp.


bleedsMarine’s ears has started to bleed.

Marnie is now 17 and she has no friends as she can’t go out due to her medical conditions.

She further explained why.

“We had to call an ambulance again when I was in some shop suddenly my eyes and ears were bleeding”.

She is been to many eye specialists and neurologists to know the cause. Some specialist found she has a weak immune system and nothing else.

bleedsMarnie is now 17 and turned into a beautiful girl. But she still bleeds from her eyes.

Continuous Bleeding

As the days are passing the Marnie’s medical condition is getting severe. She is unable to do her GCSEs as well as college.

“I feel lack of energy and light-headed and limbs and cones ache some time” She said.

People stare at me as I go somewhere. When I was admit to hospital were taking my pictures and reacted unpleasantly seeing my face and stuffs covered in blood”. She further tells.


Recently her everything is bleeding at once. First it was bleeding like 5 minutes and stops for an hour. But now it’s for half and hours and only stops for 5 minutes. She can’t even sleep at night due to this.

Treatment may lead her to Infertility

Lately she’s been injected with the injection called Prostap3 to stop her womb from working. She’ll be having an operation as doctors want to look into endometriosis.

The doctors explained to her that there’s a 60-70% chance she might get infertile due to injection.

“I’ll be bothered about this late but first I want this to be resolved” Marnie says.

These injections are making her sweat and mood swing but her condition is not getting good.

The recent medical condition of this teenager girl has become the mystery to medical science. The doctors are yet unable to find any cure for this rare phenomena




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