To several children in Manchester, England, the summer of 2015 scarred them forever. Moreover, a girl and four boys woke up with unexplained lines on their bodies after spending time in the outdoors. What’s more, only two days after the symptoms appeared, the children experienced “burning” ache and their bodies were covered in growing blisters.

Two of the victims, 13-year-olds Reid Daley and Conor Knott, were in such agony from the blistering and burning of their skin they had to be hospitalized. The reason behind this strange condition was the large wild plant, hogweed.

But this plant is not only common for England, it can be found in 11 American countries.

Moreover, experts advise that people from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire have to hire a professional to remove this plant if it is present in their properties.

At first the doctors were confused and didn’t know the reason for this occurrence. Later they figure out that with simple brushing past the plant.


The hogweed is producing a chemical which effects on victim’s skin as sunburn.

There is a cure for the condition the problem is that it might take up to seven processes until the healing process to be completed. Constant protections during this period of sun and sun exposure are essential.

Although is normal to spend time outdoors, just try to protect yourself and be aware as much as yu can. If something happen act immediately like these parents.