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Did you know these unusual facts about heart?


Your heart, the soldier who is always hard at work. The heart beats from the advent of your existence to your ultimate end and; get to know this superhero, a little bit more. Appreciate it and by all means, take good care of it! Did You Know?

1. An adult’s heart beats 100,000 times a day!
That comes down to one beat per second! The heart is literally always at work!

2. The rate at which your heart beats is affected by your age and fitness
The younger and the fitter you are, slower is your heartbeat! In simple terms, in healthy people, the heart doesn’t work overtime.

3.Heart disease is the number one killer of both, men and women.
Yes, contrary to popular belief, women too suffer from heart disease almost as frequently as men and succumb to it.

4.Your heart is exactly the size of your closed fist
An organ that little, facilitating the biggest of mechanisms, surprising is an understatement!

5.Your heart rate slows down while you’re asleep
The heart decides to slow down, not halt! Cut it some slack! The heart beats 20% less due to the slowing down of metabolism while sleeping.


6.Heart Attack manifests in different ways in men and women
Men complain of chest pain, sweating and nausea while experiencing a heart attack. On the other hand, women say they experience backache, shortness of breath and dizziness.

7.Your physical activity decides the condition of you heart
The fitter you are the longer your heart will last. Unhealthy people have twice the risk of developing heart disorders as compared to a healthy person.

8.Depression weakens the heart
Emotions have a direct correlation with the functioning of the heart as they raise or plunge, blood pressure. An emotionally distraught person, especially when its a lady, is at a huge risk for heart related problems.

9.Excessive amount of sitting is bad for the heart
People who are seated for the most part of the day are inviting heart trouble. You better get off your seat, now!

10.The littlest big pump
Your little heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood, every single day! The channel of blood vessels, the blood flows through is 60,000 miles long, when laid out in front of you, side by side!






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