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Here’s What Happens if You Massage This Point On The Ear

A Russian doctor and a psychiatrist, Mark Sandomirsky, teaches his patients a simple technique how to relieve stress. Every person experiences stress in different ways and the effects of the stress are different for every person. The stress can cause many uncomfortable feelings, heaviness or pain in certain body parts and it’s relate to many modern diseases and health problems.


First of all, you should eliminate all destructive and negative emotions and after that remove the physical effects. For this, psycho-reflexology can be very useful. In fact, there are certain anti-stress points in the body that through massage can relieve stress.


In Ancient China this point is more known as Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven”. Massaging this point gives celestial energy to your body and also decrease stress, strengthens the overall health of the body and boosts the energy flow.

In addition, the treatment of this point relieves pain in every part of the body and can repress inflammations and addictions. The Shen Men point is in the center of the upper third part of the ear and here are Dr. Sandomirsky’s advices to how to massage this point:

  • Press the point with a cotton bud or a finger and massage it gently
  • Listen to your body carefully and breathe deeply all the time
  • Look to your left when you inhale, then to your right when you exhale
  • After awhile you will feel how your body relaxes

This technique can be repeated anytime you are stressed and it is also very useful to be repeated every night for a better good night’s sleep.





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