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This family adopts hospice babies. The reason will leave you speechless and very touched

The word hospice may conjure up images of a home for the aged or those diagnosed with a terminal disease. There are many organizations which run such homes, making the last days of a dying person comfortable. Perhaps society is thankful and in all practical cases, people hope that the suffering isn’t prolonged and there is an early death. But what would you say when confronted with terminally ill babies, diagnosed with impending death! Would you feel the same? Watching a little 1 year-old-child, whose future holds nothing except a few weeks till her disease snuffs the life out of her. Would you have the courage to take in such a bay and care for her till that last day?

Meet Cori Salchert, 50, a woman who actually goes through repetitive moments of sadness watching little babies live out their last days. Cori Salchert is happy about it all because she runs a hospice for dying babies. This is one magnificent human being, who takes in terminally ill babies when no wants them. She cares for them and gives them the love they deserve even if it means for a few weeks, till they are no more.

1A Loving Hug Instead Of the Confines of a Hospital Bed

Cori Salchert runs her House of Hope in Wisconsin. Together with her husband and eight children, she opened the doors of her home in 2012 to adopt terminally ill babies. You’ll be surprised to know how many people lack the emotional strength to cope with their child’s condition. It is such people who have brought their babies to Cori, like the first infant, Emmalyn, diagnosed with brain damage.

This remarkable family gives to society what none really can. The love and care for a little child, who is to pass away, not in the confines of a hospital bed but cradled in the arms of human affection. Take for instance little Charlie, who suffers from brain damage and has an uncertain amount of time to live. Despite of being on a ventilator, he has received a remarkable amount of love from Cori’s family, helping him pull along till his 2nd birthday was celebrated in June.

Cori Salchert runs her House of Hope in Wisconsin



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