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The Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth


The Most dangerous medicines on earth are harmful for the humans beings .You’ve most likely seen this notice on drugs you’ve taken. The risk is genuine.

Have you found yourself in such position when your gut is telling you not to take the medicine that makes you even sicker but you still take it believing that’s the right thing to do? Well, there are several reasons to listen to your gut!

8 Most Dangerous Medicines on EarthA lot of “Western” medicines are lab-produced and include various chemicals in their content. The worst part is that most of them have never been tested on humans, so they are directly prescribed, or used on people. In America, people are the ultimate guinea pigs, while Big Pharma gains enormous profits. How come this happened?

After WW2, Nazi scientists were released from prison to work on vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemical food additives, and chemotherapy with the purpose to fuel the allopathic medicine- the most insidious industry in the world. In other words, the horror from the Holocaust in Germany isn’t over. It’s is on a lesser scale but still present in the U.S, for money.

What else could have been the reason for the U.S. based pharmaceutical companies to hire convicted mass murders at the highest positions at BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst? Carl Wurster helped in the production of the powerful pesticide used to kill millions of Jews, Zyklon-B gas. And later, he was working on chemo in BASF. Fritz ter Meer served only five years in prison although he was convicted of mass murder – later he became the chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer (yes the one that makes the most popular aspirin and children’s medication). Kurt Blome used to do gruesome experiments on Jews, but then, in 1951 he started working on chemical warfare, hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. It makes sense, right?

In U.S. the first evil seeds of Big Pharma, called as medicine by the FDA, were planted 65 years ago. Some of the maddest scientists who executed and tortured millions of Jews at the Holocaust were hired and promoted by Presidents of U.S. to launch the so called “Western Medicine” whose ultimate goal is developing sickness and then treating the symptoms to gain profit.

These are the 8 most dangerous medicines in the World!

War against the Weak

1. MMR vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella). Related to causing certain central nervous system disorders likeautism, as well as various health problems. Once inside the body, the LIVE measles virus compromises the immune system, and the other genetically modified ingredients and chemical adjuvants attack the child, leading to permanent and in some cases fatal results.

2. SSRIs. These are the most commonly prescribed drugs for treating depression. However, they havenever been proven to be safe or even effective, so they are highly experimental. They can even block serotonin completely, causing suicidal thoughts and even suicidal and homicidal acts of horror.


3. Influenza vaccine (flu shot). Contains aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, and up to 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. It can cause miscarriage.

4. Antibiotics. Decrease the immune system by obliterating good gut bacteria. Usually, they are inappropriately prescribed for viral infections which only further aggravates the condition.

5. Human Papillomavirus (HPV vaccine). Known to cause thousands of teens fall into comas and anaphylactic shock. Number of families have sued the manufacturers for chronic health damages.

6. Chemotherapy. Obliterates the immune system and often causes formation of new cancers, especiallyleukemia. In 1950s, Nazi scientists knew that chemo can only temporarily diminish the cancer, only to return later in other parts of the body. Still, this treatment is considered as successful in the Western Medicine.

7. “RotaTeq” rotavirus vaccine. This oral vaccine is extremely toxic. It contains LIVE rotavirus strains (P1, G1, G2, G3, and G4), as well as extremely toxic FETAL BOVINE SERUM and polysorbate 80. Other constituent of the vaccine are parts of the virus that infects pigs – porcine circovirus.

8. Polio vaccine (injected with needle and oral). It is a really terrible and hard to accept fact that millions of people in U.S. were injected with cancer when they received this vaccine.  What’s more, the nasal and oral versions of polio vaccine have left millions of children in India paralyzed for life.

So there’s a good reason people being paranoid of infectious diseases. The U.S. medicine industry has used the worst cases on record to scare people leading them to inject their carcinogens as a means of protection. The manufacturers of vaccines are immune to lawsuits being protected by their own secret court of law and by an enormous slush fund. This means that you can’t sue the manufacturer of the vaccine that have caused you severe consequences.

The only way is to take the case to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to the Office of Special MASTERS also known as the secretive “Vaccine Court.” This “court” is so corrupted that as an alternative to the Constitutional rights, it offers a no-fault compensation program. The court was established in 1986, when a lot of pharmaceutical companies lost huge profits in high-profile lawsuits because their vaccines have seriously damaged the health of many children, who suffered brain damage and seizures associated with DPT vaccine.

This said, whenever you think of taking any medicine, or better said ‘chemical toxins’, consult at least one Naturopathic Physician to see if your health problem is a nutritional based one, which in fact turns out in most cases.

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