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Can You Answer This Quiz Correctly On Your First Try?

Online puzzles can be difficult to ascertain. Not because they require a lot of brainpower, but because they are meant to alter your expectations and throw you a curveball. To see whether you’re on the ball, take a swing at this puzzle to see if you can hit a homerun.

In a box divided up into 6 squares that are numbered chronologically from 1-5, the puzzle asks you decide what should go in the empty box. And before acting on impulse, believing that the empty box should be labelled with the number 6, it’s best to take a closer and longer look.

Puzzles such as these are meant to uncover simple and easy solutions that are difficult to decipher right off the bat. Designed to direct your thinking in a misleading direction, this puzzle, like many others, toy with memory, expectations, and mental sharpness for a not-so-easy answer.

While answering the puzzle with the number 6 seems logical and rational, this puzzle asks us to drop the mental math and bring emotions, experiences, and declarative memory to the forefront. Have you thought of another answer to this puzzle that doesn’t involve the number 6?

If the puzzle made you think of a five-speed gear shift, then you probably guessed correctly– the empty box should have the letter ‘R’ inside it to symbolize reverse gear of a manual transmission vehicle.

Whether or not you’re familiar with a five-speed gear shift, this puzzle targets your acute sense of tracking patterns, documenting data, and using different parts of your brain to overturn what’s normally expected, like that of a tricky math problem.

Did you get the correct answer on the first try?





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