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Boost Your Health With Kiwi Fruit


Being an addition to the beauty of nature, kiwi fruit also have multiple benefits to our health. Kiwi fruit is named after the name of kiwi bird, a famous flightless bird of New Zealand. It is because of the similarity that they both have fuzzy hairy skin. Its unique and pleasing appearance, attractive greenish color sprinkled with black dots and gelatinizing material make this fruit a rare one. Salad lovers are well recognized of the peculiar taste of this fruit. It is a chief ingredient of the salad cuisine of many countries as it gives salad an exotic look and taste. Being a bash of phytochemicals, vitamin and minerals this fruit plays a significant role in promoting health and well-being.

• Good News For Asthmatic Patients:
The high content of vitamin-C in this fruit makes it an excellent food for asthmatic patients. Studies have shown that having 5-6 servings of this fruit per week is very effective against respiratory diseases. Chronic cough and flu can also be cured by the use of kiwi fruit.

• Have Powerful Anti-Cancer Properties:
The presence of flavonoids and carotenoids in this fruit embellish it with strong anti-oxidant powers which protects the DNA from the damage of free radicals and inhibits abnormal growth of cells thus it reduces the risk of cancer in individuals.


• Challenge Male Impotency With This Fruit:
Arginine (an amino acid) is present in this fruit in a good amount. This arginine is known for its vasodilation properties. Regular use of this fruit promotes good blood flow and has shown miracle results in treating impotence.

• Manage Blood Pressure Dramatically:
Again this credit goes to the balance proportion of potassium and arginine which maintains a fluent blood flow to heart, encounter the action of sodium and control heartbeat. For hypertensive patients, take 3 peeled kiwi fruits, 2 bars of honey melon and half table spoon of lemon juice then blend it properly and serve chilled. It can be a very effective remedy against high blood pressure.

• Revitalize Your Skin Instantly:
Containing more vitamin-C than oranges, this fruit has the ability to regenerate damage skin cells making your skin smooth and firm. It is also involved in building collagen (a structural protein of skin). It is a gift of nature to ratify your skin. Vitamin-E and a variety of anti-oxidants in kiwi fruit fight ageing and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, so girls are you ready to beautify your skin with this healthy fruit.





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