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It Takes A Glass Of This And Your Liver Will Be Renewed!


Nowadays, the busy life makes it harder for people to have a well-balance diet. With the hustle bustle at work and every other activities needed to be done in the day, there just so little time left to prepare for a fresh and healthy food. As a result, most people resort to a ready-made food which take fairly little time to be prepared.

However, those food only brings little to no benefits to your body because the nutrients inside has been depleted. Even worse, those food usually contain a lot of harmful chemical substance. Even the fruits and vegetables you buy at the supermarket are packed with pesticides, unless you buy the organic one.

You might have already aware that consuming those foods for a long time period can adversely affect your liver, which is the most important organ in your body that’s responsible to eliminate toxins from your body.

Many health experts has advised to do liver detox regularly. This practice will help in not only removing dangerous toxins accumulated in your, but also improving the absorption of proteins and their synthesis. In other words, liver detox will improve the overall function of your liver.

Simple Recipe That Can Help in Liver Detox


Healthy diet is essential for the health of your liver. It is something important to provide your liver with a lot of nutrients through the food you consume to allow your liver maintain its function properly. Remember that liver disease may only got noticed once it already in serious state which is harder to be treated.

Cleaning your liver regularly is the best protection you can do against liver disease like fatty liver and hepatitis.

This recipe is fully natural and truly beneficial to cleanse your liver and it requires nothing but a few ingredients you can easily prepare.

Here are the ingredients:

-One handful of fresh mint leaves
-orange juice
-lemon juice (grate the rind as well)
-1 liter of filtered water
-raw honey

How to Prepare:

Boil the water then add the mint leaves. Let the solution simmer for around 5 minutes. Put out the heat and let the solution to cool. After that add the orange and lemon juice into the solution then add the honey. Mix it well and it’s ready to be consume.
This amazing recipe will help detoxifying your liver and improve your digestion. You can drink it hot or cold regularly.




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