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Snail Mucus For Beautiful And Younger Skin???


In some beauty salons in Japan, South Korea and Russia are largely included “snail-facial” in its offer. They claim that snail mucus gives the effects of cosmetic surgery – tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles and acne scars.These mollusks are the only living beings with the ability of self-regeneration, what is responsible for alatonin substance, which allows them to regenerate its box when it is damaged. Nature has endowed crawling mucus that would protect the skin from damage, infection and UV rays. Over time, it is proved that the same effects and has the human skin.



In Greece, even before 400 years BC, Hippocrates used the crushed snails with sour cream to reduce the inflammation of the skin.


Some treatment involves when the the therapist manually applied snails, moving them in the face, which is applied directly to untreated snail slime.Comments of those who have tried the treatment is that it is a strange feeling at first, then the comfortable and relaxing.If you do not have a very good stomach for exotic treatment, and believe in the effects produced, it can be replaced with some cosmetic products which main ingredient is snail mucus.





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