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NASA Warns Massive Asteroid Is Heading Towards Earth TODAY


Panic panic panic panic panic. NASA has just confirmed that a gargantuan mile-long asteroid is heading towards Earth and will brush past us in just a matter of hours. 

Scientists have claimed that the rock, known as 2004 BO41, will have a ‘near Earth pass’ later this afternoon.

But don’t stress too much. The end is not near, as a ‘near Earth pass’ isn’t actually that near at all – in fact, the asteroid is going to go past the Earth 7.3 million miles away (that’s 30 times further away than the moon), reports the Daily Star.

It is known as a near Earth pass simply because of how terrifyingly large the Universe is.

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However, don’t stop panicking completely just yet, as NASA has also confirmed that a much smaller asteroid is heading towards Earth at a speed of 31,000 mph. Why is NASA choosing to terrify us all today?


The smaller space rock, known as QL44, is 61-metres long and is expected to hit the Earth or narrowly miss it on September 17 – however, NASA have claimed they are very ‘uncertain’ about its flight path.

Experts have claimed that if this meteor was to hit a city the size of London it would have an impact as destructive as several nuclear bombs.

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Asteroids are being discovered by scientists more and more every day, but alarmingly, only 10 per cent of them actually get spotted.

Fortunately, if these asteroids don’t completely devastate the earth then the apocalypse will annihilate us next year anyhow – or at least that’s what this radical group believes.





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