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Count The Lines On Your Wrist, Are There 3 Or 4? This Is The Meaning Of Your Wrist Lines.


The first wrist line is the most important one. It is located nearest to the palm. If this line is clear and deep, without any breaks, chains, or gaps, it means good overall health. If the line is weak, chained, or broken, it may indicate some health problem.
In women, when the first line bends upwards toward the base of the palm or when it’s broken, it indicates gynecological problems such as difficulty conceiving, irregular or absent periods etc. In males, it signals urinary, hormonal, prostate, or reproductive problems.


The 2nd wrist line is used to measure the individuals expectations of wealth. This line tells about your wealth, comfortable prosperity and happiness.
Ideally, this line should be unbroken without any gaps or chain links. If it’s highly defined or prominent without any gaps or chain links, chances are good that luxury and wealth are in your future. Cracks and breaks are telling of financial hardship.
If your first line is broken or faint, but the others are distinct, you may overcome problems in your youth for a more successful future.



While most people have at least two lines, not everyone has a third. It relates to the career, success and fame. If your third line is strong and continuous, it says great things about your longevity and it indicates that you will likely have tremendous influence on the people in your life, both at home and in the workplace. You are a person people will remember.




The 4th line is the rarest one of all, not many people have this one on their wrist. If you’re one of the lucky few with a fourth line, you can look forward to a long, long life.
The rare 4th line runs parallel to the 3rd line and is viewed as complimentary to it. It also means that the fame and influence aspects associated with the third line are strengthened and fortified even further.
A visible fourth line indicates a strong social presence, and might mean that you’ll have lots and lots of descendants.





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