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A Complete Guide To Removing Warts, Moles, Skin Tags and Oil Clogs Naturally!

Although skin disorders in most cases are not life threatening, they are very frustrating when it comes to esthetics. Many people are not self – confident and sometimes that problem causes depression.

The treatments last quite a long time and cost a lot. However, in this article, we are going to present some cheaper and natural solutions that really work.


Raw Honey


Honey is known as one of the most beneficial products that nature has given us. It has amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties which are very soothing to your skin. In addition, those properties fight most of the bacteria off and help in preventing many skin conditions. All you have to do is supply yourself with some raw honey and follow this simple procedure.

All you should do is to apply 1 tablespoon of raw honey on the targeted area and cover it with a Band – Aid. Leave it on for 24 hours and then cleanse the skin. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis with some breaks in-between.


We can add this fruit to the list today mostly because of the citric acid it contains. Citric acid acts as a bleaching agent for your body and for your skin. We are recommending you lemon juice for treatment and removal of dark aging spots. You will need to squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl and dip cotton balls into it. Apply the cotton balls on the spots. Do this twice a day for optimal results.



You can use this tropical fruit as a treatment for skin tags or warts. You will need 1 banana. You should peel the banana and apply on your skin tags or warts and cover them with a bandage or duct tape. The perfect time for this treatment is before you go to sleep. Usage of over a week will show results such as softening the skin tags.


Steam is being used as a sort of medicine for centuries. Steam is the first step in the process of removing the blackheads. It is the same process as inhalation and you just need to boil the water and pour it in some cup or bowl and direct the steam towards your face. The steam will unclog your pores and make it easier for you to remove the blackheads.


One of the numerous benefits of garlic is that it helps in removal of warts and removal of moles without surgery. The best part is that garlic is cheap and easy to use. You can start by squashing garlic juice and applying it on the spot you want to be treated. You might want to apply some Band-Aid to protect the spots. Just repeat this process twice a day until you see a difference.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial when it comes to treatment of various skin conditions. ACV has anti – inflammatory properties that are efficient for the treatment of most of the conditions. It is considered to be one of the best tools to treat warts.

Before you use ACV, it is very important to cleanse your skin. You should start with pouring a little bit of ACV in a cup and then dip a cotton ball in it. Apply the cotton ball on the wart and secure it by taping it with Band-Aid or bandage. It is recommended to do this before going to sleep. In the morning just remove the cotton ball and cleanse the skin.

Here are listed only a few of dozens of cures and remedies you can try. You should be aware that it is possible that the results will not be visible right after the first treatment, but they sure are better than spending thousands of dollars on treatments.





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