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10 Terrifying Before and After Photos that Will Silence Global Warming Deniers Once and for All!

You should show this article if someone tells you that the climate crisis is just a hoax.



Namely, the climate crisis has become more and more apparent.  A lot of people deny it this but, scientific facts prove otherwise.

If you look and compare an old photos from 10 or 20 years ago and new photos of coral reefs, archipelagos and lakes, you will notice a visible drastic change.

When looking at new photos of archipelagos, coral reefs, and lakes, and when you compare them to photos from 20 or 10 years ago, a drastic change is visible! Namely, all dead animals that died were buried under the ground a long time ago. People started digging them and burning their carbon for production of energy. This means that there is significantly more carbon released into the atmosphere than the normal levels.

The San Blas Archipelago in Panama, 2002 and 2014


The Carbon Dioxide was created, and   if we weren’t here it wouldn’t have been here eather – if we weren’t digging carbon up for fuel.  The well-known greenhouse effect are created due to Carbon Dioxide, which strengthens with any fuel burned. Namely this effect is similar to a blanket covering the earth, making it warmer and changing the climate.

Arctic ice, 1980 and 2012



As the melting of the polar ice caps progresses, the sea levels rise and there are erratic weather patterns. According to NASA, global sea levels could rise by as much as three feet in the next century. The U.S. Geological Survey is currently working on a project using a method named Repeat Photography which is helping the public to visually understand how global warming has accelerated the glacier melting during the last 100 years.

The results are really shocking and you can see them yourself:

  • The Enterprise Bridge in 2011 and 2014
  • Bleaching of the Great Barrief Reef, 2002 and 2014
  • Alaskan Muir Glacier and Inlet- 1880 and 2005
  • The bridge is experiencing ‘exceptional’ drought
  • Grinnell Glacier in Montana- 1920 and 2008

According to their documentation, the receding of the glaciers in continental USA and Alaska is drastic.

Alaskan Pedersen glacier-1930 and 2005


Grinnell Glacier in Montana-1926 and 2008


The predictions say that if something isn’t done quickly, Glacier National Park in Montana will be totally glacier-free by 2030. In order to preserve the glaciers, the current climate change trends need to stop.

According to Joe Giersch, USGS Aquatic Entomologist the first victims of melting glaciers will be the small aquatic insects.  Namely, animals used to a colder climate will become vulnerable to the global warming effects as they need specific foods provided by the cold climate. As an example, the size of the Montana glaciers affects the huckleberry crop, vital food source of grizzly bears Over 98% of climate scientists are thinking that if the temperature rice  due to human activity . This is not a small percentage. I am sure that everyone agrees that something needs to be done.





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