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You are always tired? The reason are these 10 habits

Fatigue is not only a result of undersleeping . Alcohol before bedtime, perfectionism, poor food, but too drunk coffees in one day are also evil for your organism.


1. You skip the exercise due to fatigue
Deferring exercise for “tomorrow” because you are tired today is counterproductive and could further makes you tired, has shown the study of the American University of Georgia. According to her, people who work in a sitting position and exercise at least 20 minutes 3 times a day, after 6 days was more energetic and less tired, wrote The Time.

2. You drink too little water

Even mild dehydration of about 2 percent has effect on bodily functions and creates a feeling of fatigue. Lack of water causes reduced blood volume and blood becomes thicker. Therefore, the heart beat slower and reduces the speed by which oxygen comes to the cells in the body.

3. Importing too little iron
The consequences of iron deficiency in blood are heart beating, breathlessness, and chronic fatigue. Anemia was significantly more common in women than in men, and the reason is too small imports of iron in the diet. It’s especially visible in the warmer months. Green vegetables, legumes, meat and eggs are great natural way to supplement iron.

4. Perfection
Although the desire for perfection is elusive, she “decorate” an increasing number of individuals. Therefore, they feel a constant pressure to meet their own and others’ expectations, work harder and longer than necessary, and they are usually not rewarded for that. This results with a sense of frustration, and chronic fatigue, explain psychologists.



5. You skip the breakfast
Not without reason is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, just because it gives energy for better start of the metabolism. Many studies show that people who eat breakfast are more prone to chronic fatigue, says Sou Morgan. She explains that the ideal day starts with the breakfast who contains cereals and fresh fruit.

6. Dramatization
If you’re the type who “makes the rope from fiber”, frequent fatigue should not surprise you. That kind of people constantly consume energy with unnecessary harassment and stress hormone cortisol simultaneously holding peoples awake and tired. Bushwalking, creating routine sleeptime and exercises that include yoga and meditation will reduce fatigue.

7. Checking email late at night
Light from tablets and laptops is bad for the biorhythm of the body that determines the best time for sleep and waking. Experts say that the increasing use of technology significantly contributed to the growth of people with insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

8. Too much fast food
Foods full of sugar, salt and fats that have little nutritional value are archenemy of energy. Sharply raising the levels of blood sugar, but equally rise and fall, and then left drowsy feeling. Cereal and proteins and the best food for maintaining the level of sugar in blood

9. You live in a mess
Outstanding work environment, and throwing things all over the house are common cause of fatigue. They constrain and focus the brain’s ability to receive new information, and simultaneously discourages. Princeton University study shows that people with tidy desk are more productive and feel more energetic.

10. Receive too much caffeine daily
Although caffeine awakens, everything that is more than three cups in a day will make you more tired than it should. Caffeine blocks adenosine of active cells that creates a feeling of drowsiness. By drinking coffee even six hours before bedtime reduces the quality of sleep, and you wake up more tired.




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