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Why spirulina algae is so powerful?

Due to its many health utilities, spirulina goes for true super foods. This marine algae violently conquered Hollywood, where celebrities claim that the secret of their beauty and health lies in consuming sprulinata. Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Rose Hatington Vajtli are just some of the great number of stars who are amazed by the effects of this so-called wonder of the sea.

If Spirulina is not yet part of your diet, after reading this article you are wondering why a long time ago you have not done that. What is spirulina? Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is consumed for centuries because of its nutritional value and due to a number of beneficial effects it has on our body. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carotenoids and antioxidants, which protect our body. Additionally, spirulina contains other nutrients, such as vitamins of group B, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, selenium, and gamma acid is an essential fatty acid. Due to the wide variety of solid components spirulina can significantly improve our health. Let’s see how!

Control of blood sugar

Previous studies have found that spirulina reduces blood sugar and, in some cases, this algae was even more effective than some drugs for diabetes.Strengthening the muscles and greater physical endurance. Probably your fitness trainer Spirulina mentioned or you read something about it in case you asked him for advice on increasing energy when exercising. We all know the feeling, rather than to acquire a new energy and be “refreshed” after exercise, we only feel fatigue.This fatigue often occurs due to oxidative disruption caused by exercise. There are special foods that contain high levels of antioxidants that help us to minimize such disruption. Berries, and certain fruits and vegetables are great for this, but spirulina can easily add to your daily diet.The effects spirulina has on the performance of athletes was specifically proven by scientists from the Institute of Human Performance and Rehabilitation in Greece. The study covered high trained men divided into two groups, of which 4 weeks Both ate 6 grams of spirulina per day, others just a placebo. The findings of the study showed that consumption of spirulina causes a significant increase in performance workout. Another study, however, showed that spirulina increases muscle strength among participants.
Effective against anemia

There are several types of anemia, but most frequently is that in which Reducing hemoglobin, or red blood cells. Anemia is also accompanied by a prolonged feeling of weakness and fatigue. The effectiveness of spirulina in the prevention of this type of anemia called hemolytic anemia was confirmed by a study conducted at the University of California. At the same it involved 40 adults who suffered from anemia. The results showed that the intake of spirulina increases the level of hemoglobin in red blood cells. Also among them was observed and enhance immune function.


It soothes the nasal allergy symptoms

Spirulina is a popular method for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and its positive effects are confirmed by a study conducted at the Medical University in Eskisehir Osmangazi Turkey. The study included 127 participants who received 2 grams of spirulina per day. The results showed that the consumption of this algae improves symptoms and physical condition, compared with placebo assets. Spirulina was useful for the relief of all symptoms of allergic rhinitis, including itching, sneezing, nasal discharge and nasal obstruction.

Lowers blood pressure 

Ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol is one of the most proven beneficial effects of spirulina, given that High blood pressure factor that causes many diseases, including heart attack, chronic kidney disease and stroke.




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