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What Foods and Drinks Can Make PMS Worse?

What Foods and Drinks Can Make PMS Worse?

Every month during her period, a woman undergoes and experiences different and sometimes inexplicable sensations in her body.

The most common things that women complain about is regarding emotional symptoms which includes mood swings, being emotionally sensitive and food cravings.

Diet has a significant impact in experiencing PMS symptoms because some foods that women usually crave are not only unhealthy but can also trigger and worsen the symptoms.

Some foods can help alleviate and manage symptoms. Some can even prevent a certain symptom from being experienced.

Exercise and diet go hand in hand in managing and treating some discomforts. It also has an impact on your overall health, and not only during your period.

Foods To Avoid

Due to hormonal changes inside a woman’s body, she experiences unusual food cravings. Most of the time, the food that is being craved is not very healthy and is not really recommended during this time as it can worsen the condition.

Foods that should be avoided include candies and fast foods because these foods have high carbohydrate contents and are also high in fat and sugar. These components are not good for the body because it temporarily triggers the release of serotonin, which will suddenly drop again after a few minutes. This makes the person crave for more and a vicious cycle is formed.

Drinks To Avoid

Drinks that contain a high level of caffeine should also be avoided. Caffeine containing drinks include coffee, soda, tea and chocolate drinks.

These should be avoided because they can cause sugar rush, which just creates a cycle again. Alcohol should also be avoided during PMS because it can only worsen emotional symptoms. You may think that it can relax your mood and help you sleep, but it actually does the opposite.


During your PMS and while on your period, it would be best to just drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration and to increase your energy levels.

Food And Drinks That Can Help

Taking in appropriate supplements even if you do not have your period is highly recommended. Doing this is beneficial to your overall health and can provide nutrients that may be insufficient inside your body.

A lack of these nutrients can also be a cause of PMS. Ask your doctor about this first to make sure that the supplements you purchase are the right ones for your body.

Eat calcium and vitamin D rich foods like dairy products, fortified orange juice and other types of fish. Calcium has the ability to decrease anxiety, depression and other emotional symptoms. Instead of indulging in sweets and junk food, it is better to eat whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

Studies have found out that adequate intake of these foods at least a month prior to your PMS decreases the risk of actually experiencing it.

There are thousands of food options you can choose from on the market. The foods recommended above are not only good for women experiencing PMS but for everyone, both men and women alike. The effects of these foods for PMS symptoms are just bonuses and should be taken advantage of.

Natural Help for PMS

Femalite is a natural, safe and effective liquid herbal formula especially for women and the effective treatment of the symptoms of Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

It contains three powerful ingredients – Fennel, Pulsatilla and Melissa – to treat the most troublesome symptoms of PMS.

Use Femalite for a few days before your period and say goodbye to bloating, sore breasts, menstrual cramps and mean mood swings! Created by our team of experts in natural medicine, Femalite is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.




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