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Top 9 tricks to treat Earaches naturally

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Earache causes naturally,As we can’t clean inside our ear, hence the accumulated waste substance increased day by day and result leads to pain.

Simple remedies can easily taken care about earache without affecting any organs of the ear and the most interesting things is this remedy can be found in your kitchen.

 Top 9 home remedies for earaches:

Here are top 10 Home remedies to treat the earaches naturally.

1.Olive Oil:

Olive oil contains some decent fats which works very effectively to give the fast relief from pain.

Put 3 drops of warm oil, that means pour 3 drops of lukewarm oil to the infected ear.

You may also Pour mustard oil, It act as an excellent reliever from the pain.


The analgesic and antibiotic property of garlic can help in relieving from the pain, Take 2 tablespoon of sesame oil and warm it, allow this solution until it cools and put 1-3 drops of garlic oil in the aching ear.


Onion act as an excellent pain reliever for earache problems, the antiseptic and antibacterial property of onion helps in treating the ear infection.

Crush one fresh onion and wrap it on the clean cotton cloth, Put this wrapped cloth towards the infected ear.


Repeat this process several times in a day until you notice relieve from pain.

4.Hot Water Bottle:

Putting moist heat around the infected ear can work as an excellent pain reliever.


Ginger has an excellent painkiller property which help in reducing the inflammation property and also helpful in treating the various infection of ear.

Extract the juice from the ginger and put the few drops of juice directly into the ears, In order to reduce the pain.

6.Bishop’s Weed Oil:

Oil of bishop is an effective natural cure for earaches, mix one spoon of bishop with 3 spoon of sesame oil and heat it into a little flame, allow this solution to cool down and pour the five drops of oil into the ear.


Licorice act as a great herb, In order to bring the quick relief from earache problems, Warm some licorice in a clarified butter and then make a thick paste, Apply this mixture on regular basis until you notice that your earache problem improves.


Peppermint oil and peppermint leaves can be useful to treat the earache problems, Put the juice of fresh peppermint leaves juice in a dropper and then pour few drops of juice inside the aching ear.


Radish is an another effective treatment for natural earache ,cut one fresh radish into a small pieces ,Put the pieces into a mustard oil and warm it up ,Let the oil cool down and put a few drops of oil into the ear.




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