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Top 7 Natural Remedies to quit smoking


Here are some natural Remedies, Which can help you to stop smoking, But Always be remember strong decision is require to exhibit any bad habit or inhibit any good habit.

So prior important thing is as we are addicted to smoke or any other bad habit, It’s a quite difficult task  to remove for instant ,Hence better to make yourself strong determined mind and yes everything is possible If we try ,without trying the result can’t be obtained.

After once you successfully stop smoking, it is important to manage your body through a proper exercise, Proper diet and meditation, In order to repair the damaged parts of body for the better function.

7 Remedies to quit smoking :

Here are some Remedies which would be beneficial to quit smoking

1.Cayenne Pepper

  • Cayenne Pepper is helps in soothing the irritants caused by tobacco and chemical irritants; it contains the antioxidant property helps in stabilizing the lung membranes.
  • Cayenne Pepper can be used in various forms such as, Pepper Powder, tea or capsules to quit smoking.
  • However the best option for quitting the smoke is to add a couple of pinches of cayenne to the water, before drinking has this water on regular basis.
  • As one more advantage of cayenne pepper that we will use this pepper in dishes to make our dish delicious as well as tasty.

2.Green Oats :

  • Green oats is an effective treatment for quit smoke. According to a study of 1971 it has been found that green oats have the capability to ease the symptoms of nicotine, thus it helps in quitting the smoke.
  • If you are really wants to leave this habit then 300 mg of green oat is highly recommended for you.


  • Ginseng is considered as a best tonic for adrenal glands, it helps in re-establishing the levels of blood stream.
  • Ginseng helps the body to deal with emotional and physical stress; it helps in restoring the withdrawing symptoms.
  • Add one tea spoon of ginseng powder to a glass of milk or breakfast cereals, It will helps in reducing the carving for smoking.


  • Valerian is a plant that works as an anti-anxiety supplements and herbal sedative; this is considered as one of the most effective ingredient for quitting the smoke.
  • This herb helps in calming down the sedative effect and receptors in brain.
  • Valerian plants helps to ease the symptoms of depression, irritability, anxiety and restlessness.

5.Passion Flower

  • Passion flower help to fight with irritability and anxiety, it provides the relaxation from smoking cessation.
  • It is helpful for those people who have restlessness and insomnia problem during the withdrawal Period and even reducing the nicotine carving.
  • You can also add a passion flower to tea, or else you can take in the form of capsule .However, like other herbs, Take this herb under the supervision of health care provider.
  • Note: This herb is not recommended for breast feeding and pregnant women.


  • Acupuncture is a unique technique, where needles are inserted in to a couple of five acupuncture points on the ear to help curb withdrawal symptoms.
  • Acupuncture helps in soothing the symptoms of lessens irritability and restlessness, it helps in detoxification process.

7.Ear Massage:

  • Ear massage is the way to cope up with carvings, when you massage your ears; it helps in stimulating the point of acupuncture, which helps to reduce the addiction of smoke.



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