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This spice can protect you against liver cancer

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Saffron is one of the superb expensive spices in the world because it contains the dried stigmas of saffron crocus and has a sweet flavor nature.

Research Analysis about Liver Cancer:

According to a recent study it has been proved spice of the saffron is good for your liver health.

Saffron is loaded with the full of health benefits and among the several health benefits one function is to protect your cancers health.

Research has proved that the bio molecule component in the saffron helps in providing for good health for your liver.

The crocin component which is made by adding the flavours of saffron is also beneficial for Protecting against the deadly formed cells of liver cancer.

According to recent searches of United Arab Emirates (UAE), here is one university who found saffron based crocin that helps to fight with Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).


The saffron based crocin is called as Nexavar or sorafenib,It is the only drug which helps to form a new blood cells ,In order to treat with Liver cancer.

After several tests organized by UAE scientist tested for chemopreventive action of procin,In order to Provide a better cure for Liver cancer growth.


Crocin helps in removing the anti-inflammatory Property while Nf-Kb and other inflammatory marker helps in inhibiting the anti-inflammatory nature (which means it allows the bacterial Properties to enter in your body).

Using the human being cancer cells, Based up on the murine model and computer analysis, Helps in filling up the genes expression.

A study has identified that it contains 8220 NF -8221 KB ,As a regulatory and candidate therapeutic drug is used for treating with cancer cells ,Which means it have the tendency to stop the degenerative cells ,Which is harmful for our body’s health.

After several findings, as a candidate chemopreventive and crocin have combined together, The study was founded by terry fox foundation and A1-Jalila foundation.

It was published from the recent journal of anticancer drug Recovery.




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