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This is how you can lose your weight and detox your body overnight



Many individuals are wrapping their body in a plastic wrap, which is considered as cosmetic process that leads to the greenhouse effect. This method increases the function of the sweat glands and the blood circulation and eliminates dangerous substances and toxins from the body.

People are wrapping their bodies in a household foil or a plastic wrap in order to lower their weight, purify the body and make their skin healthier.

You can wrap your body with foil or plastic wrap in many ways, and each way has its own different benefits. Here are two ways to lower your weight, detox your body and remove cellulite. The process is very simple – all you need to do is use a regular household foil or a standard plastic wrap. In this way you will reduce your weight, improve your skin health and detoxify the body.

In addition, you should know that you can perform this procedure in several ways and every way comes with different benefits.

Wrapping with honey!

Put some honey in a dish and warmth it. At that point you can add one egg yolk and a few drops of natural essential oil, like jojoba, orange or lemon oil.
Smear this blend on the wanted areas (thighs, arms or midriff) and afterward wrap yourself solidly with plastic or household foil.
Put on some winter garments and spread your body with cover. Stay under the cover for one hour and after that remove the wrap and flush off the blend from your body.


Wrapping with clay!

Wrapping with clay is considered as one of the most efficient ways for removing cellulite and burning that extra fat from the body. The blue clay contains large amounts of microelements beneficial for our skin. That’s why the experts recommend the blue clay for this treatment. Add warm water in smaller amount of blue clay until you get a thick cream mixture and smear it on desired area. Wrap it with foil or plastic wrap and put on some warm clothes. Hold your wrappings for one hour. You can do some exercises so as to have better results.

Practice this method two times a week and after a couple of weeks you should notice the first results. In addition to the fat and cellulite, you should also be able to eliminate the stretch marks.

It is good to mention that while you are covered with these wrappings, the skin will absorb the aforementioned microelements which will eventually lead to a softer, gentler and smoother skin.

Experts advise the use of a body scrub before you apply the wrapping.

Here are the most important benefits of using plastic wrap or household foil if you want to lose your weight:

  • In case you are active in the gym or you are working out at home, use a plastic wrap or foil to wrap the abs. If you are following a healthy diet, it will take only one week to lose some weight in a healthy way.
  • Plastic wraps and household foil are cheap and they can find them in almost any store.
  • They are great for sculpting the body.
  • You can use them to wrap the stomach, feet and arms.
  • You will be able to eliminate cellulite and improve skin health.
  • Don’t worry about the excess sweat – it means you are dropping extra pounds.

Important: In case you are dealing with certain heart issues, cardiovascular issues, varicose veins or hypertension, you should stay away from this method.




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