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The Miraculous Power Of Baby Powder You’ve Never Imagined

Did you know that baby powder has multiple purposes?

Buying baby powder will not overload a household budget you will be able to use it for a lot of things. Below in the text we present you some of them.

       Dry shampoo for pets

Baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo, and your pet will be fresh and fragrant without having to “swim”.

     Cools bedding

On hot summer nights, put a little baby powder on the sheets. It will smell nice, and the powder will absorb the sweat from the body, which will allow you to sleep better.

      Absorbs oil

The next time you spill something on your shirt or greasy carpet, it is sufficient to apply a little baby powder and it will soak up oil and refresh the material.

      Keeps books

Baby powder prevents moisture build-up on old books.

  Fuller lashes

Apply baby powder on the lashes before putting mascara and you will get a look of fuller lashes.

     Prevents skin irritation

Apply baby powder on the skin to prevent skin irritation caused by friction.


    Removes odors from shoes

Sprinkle a little baby powder in shoes and leave overnight. The next day, wipe the shoes and you will see that it will smell like new.

    Removes creaking floorboards

If you have some boards that creak, sprinkle some baby powder and fill the cracks.

   Against ants

Sprinkle some powder in front of the door or window. Ants will avoid these places.

    Reduces pain during hair removal wax

Powder your feet before you start with waxing and you will create an additional layer that will reduce the pain.


Apply a little baby powder underarm deodorant instead. It will absorb sweat and keep your armpits fresh.

     For better haircut

Mix a little baby powder and baking soda. This mixture will behave like a dry shampoo and your hair will thank you.

     As freshener

If you do not like the smell of baby powder, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and spray your apartment.




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