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Tension Headache:causes,type,techniquefor relief


Tension Headache is generally evolved through stress,work pressure and through this articles lets have a few more detailed information upon Tension Headache

What is a Tension Headache?

  • A tension headache shares the most common property of headache. It can cause intensively pain in your head, eyes and neck.
  • Some patients might feel like a tight band around their forehead.

Types of Tension Head ache:
There are two kinds of headache primary and secondary headache

  • Primary headache does not associated with any medical condition.
  • Secondary headache is associated with medical condition like flu or hair injury and dental condition.

Causes of tension headache:

There are three major cause of headache

  1. Migraine headache:
  • The first cause is migraine,where the blood induced into the brain and the symptoms are very sensitive to the light sometimes it might cause nausea

2.Tension Headache :

  • Tension headache is caused by muscle tension nerve from the neck to the head or emotion of the stress.
  • Eye strain provision also could trigger the tension headache.

3.Cluster headache:

  • Cluster headache occurs weakly or it repeats itself for a certain period of time.
  • Cluster headache occur one side of head and usually around an eye.

The Techniques for headache Relief:

First technique :

  • First the fall make your thumb in a right direction such that both the thumbs come closer to each other ,after that with the both thumb rub in backside just above the neck for a few minutes such that tension decreases.

Second Technique:

  • In the second technique just look at your fingers (5+5) and with both the hand just give a gentle massage to your head (in hair) with warm coconut oil for a little time and you might notice a change of relaxation.
  • At final steps take out your hand and insert in or out in your hair by three times.

Third Technique :

  • In the third technique just rub  (with your finger pad) in a circular movement around your eye.
  • If there is any ointment for pain relief (like vicks) you can apply around your eye but make sure it should be far off from your eye.

Healthy Tips for headache relief:

  • Do yoga or Meditation early in the morning
  • Avoid taking tension as much possible
  • Do regular exercises
  • Take healthy Diet



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