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Rub This Two Fingers For 60 Second And See What Happen To Your Body…UNBELIEVABLE!

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Surely many of you have heard about reflexology, acupuncture and massage therapies that originate from the Eastern medicine. These methods are used as healing practices for easing pain, illness, stress and trauma for many years. In the Western medicine they become accepted as a viable adjunct several years ago.

Ancient Japanese healing practice that is not very popular to many of us, at the Complementary Therapies Centre is practiced for anxiety, depression, PTSD, sciatica and chronic back and neck pain. Mary Burmeister is Asian – American woman that in 1950’s brought this technique in the United States. She met the expert in this field, Jiro Murai.


In this article we present you a video where this method is described and discussed. This interesting method includes lightly pulling or squeezing each finger in order to alleviate disabling emotional states, for example anger, depression, fear, anxiety and sorrow. All these emotional states are beyond the normal parameters. It is interesting to say that each human finger addresses different issue.

This treatment can be used as addition to other treatments. It can aid the adults but also the children in the process of reaching emotional and spiritual balance.




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