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Kefir: Health Benefits + Diet Recipe


Kefir is counted among the healthiest dairy products in the world, and therefore nowadays it can be found on the shelves of almost all stores and supermarkets.

But do you know what kefir is?

Kefir is believed to originate from Caucasia and to date back many centuries to the shepherds of the Caucasian Mountains. These shepherds discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage. For centuries, kefir has been prepared as a healthy beverage that promises long and healthy life.  Its secret was kept very well by the local citizens, however, it was finally revealed to the rest of the world at the end of the 20th century.

The kefir that we know today is in the form of a liquid milk product with sour and refreshing taste and it is produced by the symbiosis of fungi and beneficial bacteria. These fungi and bacteria create many beneficial ingredients in the milk in which they develop. As provided in the article we found on La Coprologie Sur le Web.

Kefir is made by fermentation of the kefir grains, which resemble miniature cauliflowers that are the size of wheat kernels. These grains consist of casein and gelatinous colonies of microorganisms that are grown together symbiotically. The dominant microflora are Saccharomyces kefir, Torula kefir, Lactobacillus caucasicus, Leuoconnostoc species and lactic streptococci. In addition, some yeast is present. These many beneficial microorganisms are what separates kefir from virtually all other cultured milk products, which typically use only one, and rarely more than three species in the culturing process. These microorganisms produce a variety of changes in the milk.

Numerous Health Benefits of Kefir


The research experiences up to now, have shown that kefir has an exceptionally beneficial effect on one’s overall health and is a potential remedy for many health disorders.

Namely, kefir has long been used as an effective remedy for immunity strengthening, regulation of the cholesterol level, and body detoxification. Furthermore, this beverage successfully regulates blood pressure, eliminates stomach aches, soothes stomach ulcers, and eases food digestion. It is also effective in cases of fatty liver and cirrhosis. Kefir is beneficial for diseases of the kidneys and the gallbladder because it functions as a natural antibiotic, as well as for respiratory diseases. It is commonly used as an effective remedy that deals with insomnia, stress, and anxiety. In addition, it is great for anemic people and those who have bad blood circulation. Moreover, if you are one of those people who are fighting with candida and other types of fungi or bacteria of this kind, the consumption of kefir will undoubtedly help you get rid of this health issue. It is also very important to mention that kefir can help soothe allergic symptoms. The consumption of this fermented milk product is more than recommended because it can slow down the development of malignant diseases.

Even though the above-mentioned benefits are only a few of the many health benefits of kefir, we hope that they are enough to help you understand the importance of this beverage for your health and urge you to experience its healing powers as soon as possible.

Kefir Diet

We bring great news for those of you who are struggling to lose weight. Stop worrying about those few extra pounds and put a smile on that lovely face of yours because kefir is here to help you get rid of them. This beverage contains a low percentage of carbohydrates and thus it is very effective for weight loss. Kefir diet includes consumption of 1-1,5 liters of kefir a day in combination with 1 kilogram of fresh apples for a period of 7 days (a whole week). The meals should be evenly measured and divided throughout the day, and they should be consumed 5-6 times in a course of a day. This is only one variant of the kefir diet during which you can lose up to 5 kilograms in one week.

Possible side effects of kefir consumption

At the very beginning of your kefir therapy, the consumption of this beverage can cause some mild side effects or issues such as diarrhea and gasses. However, you needn’t worry about it because these symptoms only occur as a result of the adaptation of the digestive system to kefir consumption and they will soon disappear. This is why kefir consumption can also help you regulate constipation.

In the end, we sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article on kefir benefits and that now you will definitely try this beverage and experience its beneficial effects on your overall health.




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