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Insomnia:Causes and Natural Cure Treatment

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Insomnia is health condition of body, where we are unable to get a proper or poor sleep, following below are the few reasons of poor sleep.

Waking up too early in the morning

Waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep

Difficulty falling asleep

Unrefreshing sleep

What causes Insomnia?

Here are the major causes of Insomnia as follows

Environmental noise


Extreme temperatures

Wake/Sleep schedule problems such as those due to jet lag

Change in the surrounding environment

Medication side effects

Treatment Option for Insomnia:

Recommendation to optimize health and quality of sleep

Reversing Damage:


Yes the stressful Living can cause damage to the body and mind, to help your stress mystic sleep releases 100 of Phyto-nutrients which helps in normalizing the brain function and supports brain function and elevate the toxins from your body.

Setting a schedule:

Set a schedule before a day and take a sleep everyday at the same time.


Do the regular exercises on daily basis at least for 30 minutes, by doing the exercises our whole body parts gets relaxed and also these exercise helps in fighting with the stressors elements.

Avoid caffeine, nicotine and Alcohol:

Avoid caffeine and nicotine elements like coffee, because these elements have four times extra Phyto-nutrients to fight with stressor elements.

 Drink Milk:

Drink the milk on regular basis; it contains the calcium and vitamin D which helps in soothing the nerves of stress or nerves which can be harmful to our brain.

 Avoid large meals and excessive fluids:

Avoid Excessive fluids and Intake of Large meals which help in relieving from the stress or elements and give the full sleep.

Do not lie in bed Awake:

By Lying on the bed don’t try to do the things which makes you feel waken up .

Minimizing snoring:

As Possible try to avoid snoring because it may reduce your sleep intake.

Sleep until sunlight:

Try to Sleep until the sunlight because the various elements in sunlight helps in increasing the content of vitamin D which leads to active all the inactive elements and also sometimes the rays helps to fight with the stressor elements which may prone us in insomnia condition.




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